Lawndale Bilingual Newspapers; Cicero, Ill.

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from July 05, 2007
Last Document: March 20, 2014

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November September

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Lawndale Bilingual Newspapers; Cicero, Ill., October 08, 2009

Fresh Take On Health And Nutrition

The Anti-Gang National Task Force

This idea is long overdue. In bad economic times especially, the gangs are fast becoming powerful players in many communities. When businesses are shuttered and workers are thrown out of their jobs, and when families are slowly being destroyed by economic and social forces, the gangs become one of the few alternatives for young people who more often than not have nowhere else to go. And trying to protect our kids in these uncertain times becomes more critical than ever. An Anti- gang National...

No Longer Playing Immigration Cops

Two law enforcement agencies in the state of Massachusetts have opted out of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's controversial 287(i) program. The Framingham and Barnstable police departments no longer wish to arrest suspects solely on their immigration status, nor try to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Their reasons are not too difficult to figure out why. They do not have anywhere near enough police on the ground to even fight crime and do their jobs let alone try to do federal immigration...

The Scarlet Data Base

In just a matter of minutes after a threatening letter is sent to an employer by the federal government will mean the termination of employees whose Social Security numbers cannot be verified. Because of this the U.S. government will . audit each and every business with employees who cannot be "found in the data base." This is the U.S. government's new tactic in hitting at the undocumented - instead of immigration raids just send threatening letters and Internal Revenue Service personnel to n...

Down the Pakistani Toilet

A lot of the aid was wasted from 2002 to 2008 under the then ruler Pervez Musharaff - the de facto dictator of Pakistan. Nevertheless, it still affects the Pakistani military even now. It means that the Taliban can still act with impunity. For the United States, it means wasted resources that should have been far, far better accounted for. If U.S. aid, even indirectly, went to waste in the fight against the resurgence of the Taliban, then it will mean the Taliban is that much more powerful th...

¡Calabazas Perfectas!

El sabor del otoño no estaría completo sin calabaza (pumpkin) en nuestra mesa. Esta verdura de color naranja brillante no sólo se usa en recetas para pie; los lincamientos dietéticos para los americanos fomentan el consumo semanal de frutas y verduras de colores verde oscuro y naranja porque... ¡están cargadas de nutrientes en cada bocado! Los productos agrícolas verdes y naranjas contienen una amplia variedad de nutrientes incluyendo vitamina A, beta caroteno, luteína y zeaxantina que ayudan...

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